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Hefei in Photos 2014 (english version)
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 Hefei in Photos 2014

An Innovative Lake City


 Welcome to Hefei


    This is a famous city by the beautiful Chaohu Lake with a pleasant climate and picturesque scenery.


    This is an innovation high ground full of encouraging dreams, talented people and inspirational ideas.


A charming place with a long history of civilization!


    Hefei is located in the central region of China and between the Yangtze and Huaihe rivers. Literally, Hefei means the converging place of two Fei rivers — one is the Dongfei River and the other the Nanfei River. The city is also known as Luzhou, for it used to be the government seat of Luzhou region, county and prefecture during the Sui, Tang, Ming and Qing dynasties. Hefei is uniquely beautiful in that, it is the only city in the country where one of the five largest fresh water lakes, Chaohu, lies entirely within its boundary. Under the jurisdiction of Hefei, there are four counties—Feidong, Feixi, Changfeng and Lujiang, one sub-city—Chaohu and four urban districts—Yaohai, Luyang, Shushan and Baohe, as well as three national development zones—Hefei Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Hefei Economic and Technological Development Area and Hefei Xinzhan Comprehensive Development Pilot Zone, and 14 provincial development zones, with Chaohu Economic Development Zone included. The total area of Hefei is 11.400 square kilometers and its permanent population is 7.61 million.   


    Geographically, Hefei stands at the crossroads of China and its economic factors easily interflow with those in the Yangtze River Delta. It is a member of the Yangtze River Delta Inter-City Economic Coordination Association and borders the Central Plains Economic Region. As a regional integrated transport hub of national importance, the city can extend its business easily to the seven provinces and Shanghai, all within a 500 km radius in an area of 1.02 million square kilometers with a population of 500 million, which is the most dynamic economic region with the strongest consumption power and the largest development potential in China.


Hefei, an eco-friendly city,

featuring mountains, waters and numerous scenic spots


    Hefei is known as an excellent national tourism city, the hometown of Lord Bao, an ancient battlefield in the Three Kingdoms period, a science and education base in China, the cradle of Huai Army in the Qing Dynasty, a town of hot springs and a young and vibrant city with a beautiful lake in the middle.


Chaohu Lake, nurturing Hefei with its eco-system


    Hefei is the only provincial capital city that encompasses one of the five largest freshwater lakes in China. Around the 800-square-kilometer Chaohu Lake, lakeside views, rare flowers, hot springs and karst caves are counted as the four kinds of unique attractions; Whitebait, white shrimp and hairy crab are acclaimed as the three delicious local specialties; Bantang Hot Spring, rich in 30-plus kinds of active elements, has long been regarded as one of the four major spa resorts since the ancient times in China; Tangchi Hot Spring in the town of the same name that is reputed for its hot springs and country sceneries in Lujiang County enjoys a celebrated reputation as No. 1 hot spring in East China. For holidaymakers, the AAAA-rated Golden Peacock Spa is now in East China a health and rehabilitation resort that is gaining more and more popularity.


    Hefei is prominent for its afforestation efforts. It lives up to the recognition as one of the first three National Garden Cities and it is a twice winner of the China Livable Environment Demonstration Award.


    Hefei is also known for its distinctive urban pattern of harmonious integration of street blocks and various garden-like parks.


    In the unprecedented afforestation and tree-planting campaign, the city has witnessed eco-parks built one after another on its land, such as Binhu National Wetland Forest Park, Niujiao Dawei Ecotourism Area of Baohe District, Four-season Flower Sea of Shushan District, the Northern Ecological Corridor and Guanting Wanmu Ecological Park (covering 10,000 mu in area) in Feixi County. In a period of three years, Hefei completed afforestation over nearly 800,000 mu, pushing itself closer to the echelon of national forest cities.


    Hefei is a city reputed for ecotourism in China and it boasts a national key scenic attraction — Chaohu Lake Scenic Area. Eighteen AAAA national tourist attractions like Lord Bao Cultural Park, the ancient Sanhe Town, Hui Garden and the Golden Peacock Spa Resort have added more color to the beautiful landscape and enriched human and cultural elements to the inherited civilization. 


Hefei, a charming city,

characteristic of Anhui style integrated with various regional features


Hefei has a long history of over 2,200 years since it was made a county seat in the Qin Dynasty. Since the administrative division adjustment when the former Chaohu City was incorporated into Hefei, the culture of Youchao, one of the sources of Chinese nation and civilization initiated by our farthest forefathers who perched in nests at night, has made the history of Hefei traceable to more than 5,000 years ago.

During the Three Kingdoms period, Wei Kingdom and Wu Kingdom fought here for 32 years, leaving Hefei many historic sites, such as Xiaoyaojin (a ferry named leisure), Jiaonutai (a crossbowmen training terrace) and Sanguo Xincheng (an ancient garrison of the Wei Kingdom). Hefei was liberated in 1949 and was made a city in February the same year.


As “Hefei is in the center of Anhui”, it was made provincial capital of Anhui in 1952.


Hefei is an auspicious place that has produced many talented people in history. Famous and influential figures born here include: Zhou Yu(175210), an illustrious general in the Three Kingdoms period; Yang Xingmi (852―905), king of the Wu State, a vassal state in the late Tang Dynasty, Bao Zheng (999-1062), an upright judge in the Song Dynasty, Li Hongzhang (1823-1901), a leading personage of the Westernization Movement in the late Qing Dynasty, Liu Mingchuan (1836-1896), the first governor of Taiwan in the Qing Dynasty, Feng Yuxiang (1882-1948), Zhang Zhizhong (1890-1969) and Li Kenong (1899-1962), three famed generals in modern times and Dr. Chen Ning Yang, who is a world famous scientist and Nobel laureate.

Hefei is hailed as “a moral city of virtuous people", for it ranks first among all the provincial capitals in terms of the number of “Chinese Good Samaritans”.

The tomb of Zhou Yu, the memorial temple for Lord Bao, the former residences of Li Hongzhang, Liu Mingchuan and Chen Ning Yang, and many other historic sites link the memory of the city through thousands of years. With the completion and opening to the public of the Yangtze-crossing Campaign Memorial Museum, Anhui Hall of Fame, Hefei Grand Theatre, Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center, Tangxi River Street, World Expo Anhui Pavilion, China (Hefei) Intangible Cultural Heritage Park, Anhui Provincial Museum and many landmarks of cultural facilities, Hefei has become an appealing destination for tourists both from home and abroad.

Hefei basks in profound cultural prosperity. Luju Opera, a traditional local opera known for its lasting tune in melody, and Chaohu folk songs are the distinctive cultural symbols of Hefei.

Hefei is a paradise for gourmets. Mabing, Honggao, Cunjin and Baiqie are the four traditional local pastries popular over hundreds of years; Caocao Chicken, Baogong Fish, Luzhou Roasted Duck, Wushan Imperial Goose and Li Hongzhang Hotchpotch are the time-honored signature dishes; Lujiang has Xiaohongtou stuffed bun, Sanhe has rice dumpling, Xiatang baked cake and Feidong giant meat ball, to name but a few of the specialties at different localities of the city; cooked crayfish that you can find in almost all the eating places has earned Hefei the title “the city of crayfish in China”; the urban area shows a kind of mixture of various elements of Chinese and Western foods, represented by Nanjing 1912, Leijie Stalls, Wanda Food Plaza, Starbucks, South Beauty, and Maxim’s. It is evident that everyone can really have a bite of Hefei when he or she visits the city.


Hefei, a hub city

leading to the Yangtze and coastal regions and easily accessible from all directions

As a regional integrated transport hub of national importance, Hefei enjoys location advantage.

Now the city is the highway transportation center in the province, and a “one-hour commuting radius" highway network in the Hefei Economic Sphere among the cities is ready to appear. Six railways and seven highways (Hefei-Nanjing, Hefei-Xuzhou, Hefei-Chaohu-Wuhu, Hefei-Anqing, Hefei-Tongling-Huangshan, Hefei-Lu’an-Yeji and Hefei-Huainan-Fuyang) intersect in Hefei. By high-speed railways, one can reach Nanjing in one hour, Shanghai two hours and forty-five minutes, Wuhan two hours and twenty-two minutes and Beijing four hours. Direct flights are served to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, ROK, Japan and Germany from Xinqiao Airport International, which is a 4-E rated airport with an annual handling capacity of 12 million passengers, and the flying time from the airport to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or Chongqing is no more than an hour and a half. The waterway of Hefei leads to the Yangtze through Chaohu Lake, and 1,500-ton cargo ships can sail from Hefei Xingang Port to the cities along the Yangtze and in coastal regions... Hefei is authorized to accomplish regional integrated cargo clearance with customs houses of the cities in the Yangtze River Delta.


For better urban transport, Hefei has built nine elevated highways successively. The subway line No.1 and No. 2 will be operational by the end of 2016 and in the first half of 2017 respectively and, by 2020, Hefei will have built five rail transit lines that will be the basic foundation for rail transit network of the city in the future.


Hefei, a smart city,

with pioneering and innovative DNA

That Hefei could take the lead in exploring new things is because the omnipresent atmosphere of innovation.

Hefei is the birthplace of the first DVD player, the first bionic washing machine and the first demonstration network of metro quantum secure communication in the world. It is also the birthplace of the first air conditioner, the first mini vehicle (mini-bus and mini-van), the first microcomputer and the first pure-electric bus line in China... Hefei is a member city of the World Technopolis Association (WTA), one of the four science and education bases in China and the only national sci-tech innovation pilot city.

Hefei houses 820 research institutes in various categories including Hefei Institutes of Physical Science under Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei is the work place of 70 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering and Hefei is home to USTC and other universities and colleges, 60 in total, with a student population of over 500,000. In terms of percentage of technical personnel in the population, Hefei ranks forefront among all the cities of the same category in China. Hefei undertakes five national key scientific engineering projects and it is the densest area in terms of scientific engineering projects, next only to Beijing.

In 2013, there were 708 national high-tech enterprises in Hefei, ranking the city eighth among all the provincial capitals in China. The projects led by or with the participation of Hefei-based institutions of higher-learning, research institutes and enterprises won 12 national awards in 2013, hitting a record high. Among the awards, there was a first prize of the National Natural Science Award, which filled the vacancy that lasted for three consecutive years. Hefei has stood for eight consecutive years as a national advanced city for scientific and technological progress. According to the British science journal Nature, the city ranks third in terms of basic scientific research strength in China and the independent innovation of the city has played an important role in supporting the needs of, and leading the way for the city’s development.


 The USTC Institute of Advanced Technology, featuring cooperation between Anhui and CAS and constructed by USTC and Hefei, saw its inauguration in 2013. Another round of construction kicked off for the HFUT Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing Technology that will turn the institute into a domestically leading and internationally first-class one in new industry research. At the same time, a group of high-end R&D platforms are under construction, including the Tsinghua University Institute of Public Safety Research, the CAS Institute of Technology Innovation and Anhui Institute of Beida Weiming Biological Engineering Group Co., Ltd. HT-7U superconducting Tokamak, Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST), National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory and many national key laboratories have deeply rooted in Hefei. Now the city undertakes a group of key projects such as the experimental facility, for steady high magnetic field and the auxiliary heating system for Tokamak nuclear fusion experimental facility. The constructions of ten R&D institutions for public safety, new energy vehicles and other strategic emerging industries will soon be completed one after another. In addition, Hefei has arranged research and development on Future Network, is constructing a general control center for quantum secure communication system along the main line between Beijing and Shanghai and will launch an office in Silicon Valley in the USA to facilitate international technology transfer to Hefei. At present, Hefei is committed to creating an Anhui “Silicon Valley" and striving to make it a Chinese “Silicon Valley". In the mean time, the city plans, based on the first-ever sci-tech innovation pilot city project in China, to reach the goal of making the city a national innovation city and a sci-tech smart city in China.


Hefei has never stopped its effort in scientific and administrative restructuring. After it broke through the system restraints, it has restored stamina for leaping development. The reform of scientific and administrative systems brings new vitality to the city, making the attractiveness and influential effect of this innovative lake city more outstanding.


Hefeia powerful city,

surpassing other cities in fierce development competition

Transforming, upgrading and restructuring, Hefei becomes a new coordinate point on the national map of regional economies with a complete new look.


Now the city boasts of 200 sectors in 35 industries, producing more than 2,000 categories of products. The eight pillar industries like automobile, equipment manufacturing and home appliances show fruitful achievements. Strategic emerging industries, such as new flat panel display, solar energy, energy saving, environmental protection, biotechnology, new materials, public safety, new energy and new energy vehicles, rise rapidly from scratch. After the launching of a G-6 panel production line in Hefei, BOE’s G-8.5 line was put into production at the end of 2013, which is the first oxide TFT production line in China. With the move-in and setting up of Continental Tire, LCFC’s 10-million-laptop production base, Lenovo industrial base and a large number of iconic projects, Hefei witnesses a rapid clustering and upgrading of industries.

Hefei has won such honors or tiles as China home appliances industry base, national pilot area for integration of IT application and industrialization, national demo city of modern logistics (in distribution field), China service outsourcing demonstration city and national animation industry base. It has been selected as a pilot city for application of modern logistics technology and joint distribution.

Thanks to the efforts to make the city a nationally important strategic emerging industry base, Hefei is now the largest home appliances production base and an important city for automobile manufacturing in China. The city has been on top list for six consecutive years among all the provincial capitals in China in terms of average growth rate shown by major economic growth indicators.

Wanda Cultural Tourism City and Huanancheng Hopsca are under construction, China South Rail Corporation Limited (CSR) and China South Rail Corporation Limited (CNR) come to Hefei for cooperation, and Hefei Chaohu International Yacht Club will soon be in operation. Financial back-office service center, Internet of Things Industry Park, national animation base, combined call center and many other projects in modern service industry have settled in Hefei. Looking to the future, Hefei will have 26 clustering areas of modern services by 2015.

According to the edition of the Globe MetroMonitor 2012 released by the Brookings Institution based in the U.S.A., the per capita GDP growth rate and the new employment rate of the Hefei Economic Sphere ranked first and second respectively among 300 urban economies. In the survey and selection of "the happiest cities in China" run by CCTV, Hefei has been listed among the top three for three consecutive years.


Hefei, a rewarding city,

the right investment destination at the right time

 Hefei is absolutely determined to promote efficiency revolution and striving to make itself an "entrepreneurial paradise" with the most optimal business environment in China.


Hefei is recognized as a “National Advanced City for Entrepreneurship”. To earn that recognition, Hefei had introduced seven major policies to encourage entrepreneurship and accelerate the process of making Hefei a national entrepreneurial city. While lowering administrative and regulatory entry barrier for businesses, the city relaxed its restrictions placed on their premises. As Hefei is active in building itself into a national entrepreneurial city, its good investment environment has won the favor of start-ups and won the acclamation for being a good place for business pioneers.


After the implementation of the 12 reforms, such as those governing the investment and financing system, city construction management system, tendering management system as well as administrative review and approval system, Hefei is praised as a city with the most optimal review and approval procedure, the highest efficiency in processing business applications and having the strongest service awareness in China. Hefei has been rated as one of the 10 cities with the lowest business cost in China, regarded as a city with the best services for investment by Zhejiang investors and recognized as the most valuable city in China for Investment by multinationals.


Hefei has made the lists of the top 50 cities for excellent investment environment and the top 30 cities for overall and growth competitiveness in China. In the blue book of the Annual Report on Urban Competitiveness issued by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Hefei was on the list of the cities having the most potential for development in the next decade in China. Among all the indicators, the social fair competition index ranked Hefei atop all the cities in China. In 2012, Hefei was rated among the top three as a best city for investment in China.


In 2014, the State Council officially approved the establishment of the Hefei Comprehensive Bonded Zone, the first ever in Anhui with a planned area of 2.6 square kilometers. As an important platform in Anhui for undertaking industry transfer, this bonded zone adds another "gilded signboard" for inbound investment to the city and, it will bring about a positive effect for the speedy development of the open economy in the province.


Hefei, an open city,

longing to make friends all over the world


Being open, inclusive, true to facts, and innovative is the city spirit of Hefei.


Having the whole world in its view, the city welcomes friends from all over the world with its attitude of inclusiveness. Hefei has established sister-city or partner-city relationship with twelve foreign cities such as Kurume in Japan, Columbus in the United States and Belfast in the United Kingdom, and has establish trade relations with more than 180 countries and regions. In total 35 Fortune Global 500 companies have invested and launched business in Hefei, including Metro, Johnson Controls, Sanyo, Mitsubishi, Unilever, ABB, Coca-Cola, Carrefour, Visteon, Continental Tire, Sumitomo Chemical, Air Liquide, Wal-Mart, Tesco and Marubeni. Hefei ranks forefront among all the provincial capitals in China in terms of total volume of foreign trade.


Hefei – a lake city and innovation high ground in the making.


The beautiful Hefei is forging ahead with its lofty ideals. To be the first in the province to become a moderately prosperous society in all respects, Hefei has led the way in policy experiments and innovations, and pushed aggressively toward building a great city of lake also known as an innovation-oriented high ground. It is striving forward to fulfill the "1331" strategic development plan, and along the way, gallantly fill in the Hefei chapter of the China Dream.


In recent years, Hefei has developed vigorously in all aspects and ranks atop other provincial capitals in the central region of China in growth rate indicated by quiet a few major economic indexes. On the basis of developing a lakeside modern megacity and in accordance with the missions for making leapfrog development with scientific outlook and becoming a top 10 city measured by major economic growth indexes, Hefei is now writing a new chapter for the modern emerging central city with full passion. Now Hefei is stepping up its efforts to make the city a super-large regional metropolis with important influence in China.


Hefei – a rewarding land for investors!


Hefei – a blessed land for entrepreneurs!


Hefei – a wonderland for visionaries!


In Hefei, what you have chosen is a poetic living environment with a beautiful fresh water lake.


In Hefei, what you have chosen is a cozy life with nearly 8 million friendly neighbors.


In Hefei, what you have chosen is to share the excitement of realizing your dream with a powerful, intelligent, eco-friendly, entrepreneurial, happy and charming city that is moving forward to becoming the most beautiful provincial capital in China.




Honors to the City:

National Innovation Pilot City

Scientific and Technological Innovation Pilot City, the first and the only one in China

Pilot City in Optimal and Intensive Land Use, the first one in China

Member City, the World Technopolis Association (WTA)

China Service Outsourcing Demo City

National Animation Industry Base

National Automobile and Auto Parts Export Base City

One of the Top 10 Cities with Lowest Business Cost

A Most Valuable City for Investment in China Acknowledged by Multinationals

One of the Top 20 Cities Fastest in Economic Growth in the World

Rated as the first city in per capita GDP growth in the world by the Economist

One of the Top 3 Chinese Cities in Basic Scientific Research Strength evaluated by UK-based Nature

National Patent-related Work Pilot City

National Urban Informatization Pilot City

National Construction Demo City for IPR Protection

National Model City in Cultural and Ideological Progress

Winner of the National Changan Cup for public security comprehensive management for nine consecutive years

One of the first national garden cities

National Excellent Ecological Tourism City

One of the Top 10 Cities in Inbound Investment Potential in China

National Pilot City for Social Management Innovation

One of the Top 10 Livable Cities in China

One of the Top 10 Beautiful Cities in China

One of the Top 10 Happy Cities in China

National Pilot Area for Integration of IT Application and Industrialization

National Electronic Information High-tech Industry Base

National Demo Area for Trial Implementation of Equity Incentive Policy

National Industry Demo Base for New Industrialization

National E-commerce Demo Base

National Demo Base for Integration of Cultural Undertakings and Technology

National Forest Park (Mt. Dashu)

National Forest Park (Binhu Forest Park)

National Demo City for IPR Protection

National Pilot Unit for Combination of Sci-tech and Finance Entities

National ‘Smart City’ Pilot Demo City

"Green China Environmental Achievement 2014 Award"

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